As your doula, I care about learning your desires and assisting you in advocating for your needs.

Together we honor all the changes of pregnancy, birth and postpartum- including the physical, mental and spiritual.

I’ve devoted my life to continuously learning and exploring ways of healing and sharing that wisdom with my community. 

Whether I’m holding space somewhere along the pregnancy, birth, postpartum life-continuum or in a teaching position, I hold the intention of creating a safe container for you to be embodied in your own personal authority while exploring other realms of breath and being so that you may be transformed.

I’ve had the honor of studying with many wise women, birth keepers and teachers of life. My work is in joy and remembrance of them, those that came before me and their commitment to sharing their teachings, for my maternal lineage, for my future ancestors and for thriving life.

Here's what I can do for you:

Birth Doula

Allow me to walk with you through this journey of pregnancy and labor. I’ll be there to guide you prenatally and be present during your birth.

Postpartum Doula

I offer support for up to 6 weeks after birth to ensure you’re getting the best care after birth.

Yoga Instructor

I offer multiple yoga classes both prenatally and postpartum, group sessions, one on ones or with your partner.

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Postpartum Doula Support

Known as the “fourth trimester", I support families right after birth and typically up to 6 weeks after baby is born. This includes nourishing care for the birthing parent and newborn during daytime hours.  Focus is on guidance and assistance with newborn care and physical and emotional support for the mother- including meal prep, herbal baths and teas, Bengkung belly binding and other needs as determined by the client and doula.

As an INNATE postpartum practitioner, my work is based on the teachings of Rachelle Garcia Seliga.  This care is rooted in women’s physiologic design, is found throughout the world’s postpartum traditions and includes the 5 pillars of postpartum care: extended rest, nutrient dense food, bodywork, warmth and community. Contact me to create your unique, holistic postpartum plan.

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Birth Doula Support

As your birth doula, I walk with you through the entire prenatal journey.  We meet 1-3 times during pregnancy to create a birth "plan" and better understand your vision of birth.  We discuss comfort measures, go over how I can best serve you emotionally and physically during labor and how to best include your partner’s support throughout labor. I’m on call 24/7 for you two weeks before your estimated due date and two weeks following your estimated due date. I’ll be there to support you during active labor and will stay with you up to 1 hour following the delivery of your baby.  We'll have one follow up postpartum visit to close out our time together. Once hired, I am available for any support you may need via phone, text, or email. This includes:

2 prenatal sessions

birth support

1 postpartum Follow-up visit

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Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Practicing yoga throughout pregnancy has the ability to tend to common pregnancy discomforts as well as is foundational in preparing the mind, body and spirit for labor and birth. My classes are breath-centered and focused on guiding the practitioner inwards towards their body, intuition, and baby's wisdom while offering space to be curious about the places where these intersect. I offer group classes to build community support or 1:1 sessions where we dive deeper into what it is you're specifically looking to address. Choose from the following:

group Prenatal yoga classes
at greenville yoga

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individual 1:1 prenatal Yoga
1 hour - $85
Package of 3 - $215

1:1 partner childbirth preparation yoga
1.5 hour - $100

individual 1:1 postnatal yoga
1 hour - $85
package of 3 - $215

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“Ali was there for me from the very beginning. She gave my partner and I so much comfort and assurance through the entire pregnancy, birth and after.  My birth wasn't the one I had planned, and she led me through that process so gracefully. We truly don't know what we would've done without her– her knowledge and sound energy kept us grounded throughout it all. We are so grateful for the gift she's been to our family.”

- Elliot L.

my process


Let’s meet for tea! We connect and decide if I'm the perfect doula for you.


If it's a yes, we talk about your needs, desires, and come up with a unique vision of pregnancy, birth and postpartum that's wholly yours.


Rest easy knowing your
doula has your back.

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