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I'm Ali.

I'm a certified perinatal yoga instructor, a birth doula and certified postpartum doula. I'm passionate about creating safe and supportive spaces for women and families to connect, rest, breathe, visualize and move. I believe that tending to birthing parents is how we create healthy families and communities presently and for future generations.

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Ali Teeslink. White woman with dark brown hair, glasses, rustling her hand through her hair. She's wearing a white shirt with with the sleeves pushed up and you can see her pretty tattoos on her forearms. She's wearing a brown leather watch and there is greenery in the background.

Ready to be equipped and nurtured through the entire birthing process?

Did you know that the entire birth process includes the nine month gestation period of carrying your baby to nine months of postpartum?

what to expect from me:


Guidance prenatally to parenthood

You want to be supported body, heart and mind throughout the whole journey of pregnancy through postpartum.  You already instinctively know how to birth and parent, I want to help you feel confident in believing that to be true.


Stronger connection to body and intuition

Even if you've done this before, every pregnancy, birth, baby and postpartum experience is unique.  If you're not sure where to start or how to move through this new and unknowable experience, allow yourself the support of someone who's trained and experienced in expecting and nurturing the unexpected.


Supportive holistic experience

I believe a doula’s presence has the possibility to lend towards better clarity and confidence prenatally, during labor, through postpartum and onward.  I value informed decision making, body literacy, physical and emotional support.

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Having Ali as our doula was a wonderful experience! We hired Ali for the birth of our first baby after I attended her prenatal yoga series. She made sure we felt confident and informed going into the birth, and her presence at the birth was very grounding and reassuring. She took great care with us, her guidance was invaluable, and I would absolutely hire her again!

- Anna W.